Edelbrock Made In The USA
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Edelbrock assures quality through attention to detail. Utilizing traditional and state-of-the-art equipment, Edelbrock produces the finest quality cores for high casting quality. After the castings are poured, they are sent through Edelbrock's finishing department, where they are treated to core removal and prepped for heat treatment, machining or a finished state.

processes and capacities
core sand removal equipment includes:
  • Bake out oven
  • (2) Automated Heschal vibratory machines
  • (3) A-Frame vibratory machines
Hand finishing and high-tech robotic equipment are used to deliver high quality machine ready castings.
  • Robot
  • Wheelabrator - "Shot Blast"
  • Various Equipment
    1. Saw
    2. Sander
    3. Manual deburring tools
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