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Permanent Mold Metalcasting Foundry
Establish in 2007, Edelbrock's new permanent mold foundry is a showcase of modern technology and efficiency. The 70,000 square foot facility is equipped with a modern tower jet melter furnace offering 3,000 pounds per hour of aluminum melting capacity. Cores are manufactured using a PLC controlled Laempe cold box and various shell core machines. Robotically controlled pouring ensures precise and consistent pouring for outstanding casting quality. Edelbrock's Permanent Mold foundry is ready to fulfill your needs for high-quality castings.

processes and capacities
Castings: Permanent and Semi-permanent mold castings.

Core Production: Permanent mold core production is processed through a high-volume Laempe automated and 23 shell core machines.

Molding Machines: Two semi-automatic Hall vertical molding machines PLC controlled, two semi-automatic 3HS Hall tilt molding machines PLC controlled (36 X 38).

Dry Sand Molding: Dry sand molding adds to our services. We can process 300 lbs/min and produce molds up to 1,000 lbs.

Robotic Ladling Systems: A KUKA 6-axis robotic ladle provides precise metal pouring. The 6-axis technology produces perfect and repeatable pours for outstanding casting quality.

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